Prepare your stay in Saint-Malo


The XXL Corsaire of Saint-Malo (XXL) and the triathlon of Saint-Suliac (XS, S et M) are, for the triathletes as for their families and the public, the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of a region of exception…


Saint-Malo : City of explorers

Saint-Malo : « Cité Corsaire », « ville des explorateurs »


Port of departure for many explorers in the 18th century, Saint-Malo has kept in it the nautical fiber, which allows it to accommodate today the navigators of the Route du Rhum and the transatlantic Quebec / Saint-Malo. In Saint-Malo, you will also discover the famous ramparts, classified Historical Monuments, which spread out on 1754 m around the citadel.


The Emerald Coast, a heritage to discover

La côte d’Emeraude, un patrimoine à découvrir

 The Emerald Coast offers 40 km of coastline, 350 km of hiking trails (including the famous GR 34) and many sandy beaches. What delight lovers of nature and discovery, which are sure to travel this exceptional natural heritage, illuminated by the reflections of the emerald blue sea ...


To stay and move in Saint-Malo

You want to organize your stay in Saint-Malo and its region?


You can find all the transportation informations you need from Saint-Malo tourist office's website.


Tourism office of Saint-Malo also offers you a complete list  of hotels, chambres d’hôtes, campings, auberges de jeunesse et diverses solutions d’hébergement à Saint-Malo.


The city of Saint-Malo has many parking areas (cars and motorhomes), as well as 45 km of tracks, strips and bicycle lanes.


 Are you attending the Saint-Suliac triathlon and looking for accommodation? ? L’office de tourisme de Saint-Suliac also provides you with a list of accommodation in the city.